An email marketing system is essential for any business that wants to connect with potential clients and stay in touch with those they already have. It combines an email marketing application and an SMTP server.

The email marketing app manages, archives, and creates emails, while the SMTP server transmits them to customers quickly and accurately, helping businesses target the right audience with messages tailored for them.

By using email marketing, businesses can increase their customer base, build relationships with customers, and increase revenue. Additionally, businesses can track customer engagement through this system to appropriately adjust their campaigns.

By establishing the correct system, businesses can create automated campaigns that will send emails at predetermined times or when certain criteria are met. This saves time and resources and ensures customers get notifications about products or services they may be interested in.

Get Professional Email @yourdomain

Having a professional email address that matches your custom domain is essential for promoting your website. It gives you the opportunity to create a consistent and recognizable brand identity, which can help you stand out from the competition.

With professional email, you can easily connect with customers and partners, while also giving them confidence in your business.

Professional email plans start at just $1.67 per month, making it an affordable way to promote your website. You’ll be able to create personalized email addresses for each of your team members, as well as manage all of your emails in one place.

Plus, you’ll have access to powerful features like spam filtering and virus protection that will keep your inbox secure. With professional email, you can rest assured that all of your communications are safe and secure.

5 Reasons You Need Your Own Email Marketing System

Email marketing is an essential tool for any business looking to reach its customers and build relationships.

Having your own email marketing system can help you create campaigns that are tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to maximize the effectiveness of your efforts. Here are five reasons why you need your own email marketing system:

First, having a dedicated email marketing system allows you to track the performance of each campaign. You can measure open rates, click-through rates, and other metrics that will give you insight into how successful your campaigns are.

This data can then be used to refine future campaigns and ensure that they are as effective as possible.

Second, having an email marketing system gives you more control over the look and feel of your emails. You can customize templates with colors, fonts, images, and other elements that reflect your brand’s identity. This helps create a consistent experience for customers when they receive emails from you.

Third, having an email marketing system allows you to segment your audience into different groups based on their interests or behaviors. This makes it easier to target specific audiences with relevant content that resonates with them.

Fourth, having an email marketing system makes it easier to automate certain tasks such as sending

Reason 1: Pricing

Pricing is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding on an email marketing system. Having your own system can be significantly cheaper than using a third-party service like GetResponse.

For example, the standard plan for GetResponse starts at $14.99 per month and increases depending on the number of contacts in your email list. If you have over 20,000 subscribers, then you’re looking at paying $159 per month.

On the other hand, if you use a self-hosted email marketing system like Mautic, you can save a lot of money in the long run. With Mautic, I get around 50-200 new email subscribers per day and I don’t have to pay any monthly fees or subscription costs.

This means that my overall cost is much lower than with a third-party service like Mailchimp. Plus, I have full control over my data and can customize my system however I want without having to worry about additional fees or restrictions from a third-party provider.

Reason 2: Limited Subscribers vs Unlimited Subscribers

When it comes to email marketing, having a limited number of subscribers can be a major hindrance.

Most email marketing companies have a limit on the number of subscribers you can have, which can make it difficult to reach your desired audience. This is especially true for businesses that are growing quickly and need to expand their subscriber base.

On the other hand, having an unlimited number of subscribers is possible with your own email system. With this setup, you will not have to worry about hitting any limits or running out of space for new subscribers.

You will also be able to customize your emails more easily and tailor them specifically to each individual subscriber. Additionally, you will have full control over how often you send emails and what content they contain.

Having an unlimited number of subscribers gives you the freedom to reach as many people as possible without worrying about any restrictions or limitations.

Reason 3: Sending Cold Emails

Sending cold emails is a great way to reach out to potential customers and build relationships with them. It can be an effective way to introduce your business or service, as well as generate leads.

However, many email marketing companies do not allow sending cold emails due to the risk of spamming. This means that if you want to send cold outreach emails, you will need to find another solution.

Using your own email system is one of the best ways to go about sending cold emails. You can connect your G suite account or Office 365 account and have full control over what kind of emails you are sending out.

Not only can you send cold emails but also newsletters and other types of marketing emails. Having your own system allows for more flexibility when it comes to customizing the content of your messages and targeting specific audiences.

With this in mind, having your own email system is a great option for those looking to send cold outreach emails.

Reason 4: Can’t Get Banned

One of the biggest advantages of owning your own system is that you don’t have to worry about getting banned from your account.

This is especially true if you are using an email marketing platform, as many of them have strict rules and regulations in place that can result in a ban if violated. By having your own system, you are in control and can ensure that you follow best practices and guidelines to keep your account safe.

For example, when using an email marketing platform, it’s important to make sure that all emails sent out comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.

This includes ensuring that all emails include a valid physical address, opt-out instructions, and other relevant information. If these requirements are not met, then it could result in a ban from the platform.

However, by having your own system, you can ensure that all emails sent out meet these requirements and avoid any potential bans.

Reason 5: SMTP Switching

The ability to switch email delivery services is one of the most important reasons to use SMTP switching. This feature allows you to quickly and easily change your email delivery service at any time.

For example, if you are using Sendgrid API for your email delivery, you can switch to Postmark, Mailjet, or G Suite on your Gmail account with just a few clicks. This flexibility gives you the freedom to choose the best service for your needs without having to worry about long-term contracts or commitments.

Another great benefit of SMTP switching is that it eliminates the need for manual configuration when changing services.

Instead of manually configuring each new service, all you have to do is select the new provider in your settings and everything else will be taken care of automatically.

This makes it easy and fast to switch between different providers without having to worry about technical details or spending hours trying to figure out how everything works. With SMTP switching, you can quickly and easily take advantage of the best features offered by each provider without any hassle.

Effective email marketing campaign

1. Identify Your Target Audience: Before you can create an effective email marketing campaign, you need to identify your target audience. Think about who your ideal customer is and what their needs are. This will help you create content that resonates with them and encourages them to take action.

2. Create Engaging Content: Once you know who your target audience is, it’s time to start creating engaging content for your emails. Make sure the content is relevant to your readers and provides value in some way. You want to make sure that the content is interesting enough that people will actually read it and take action on it.

3. Personalize Your Emails: Personalization goes a long way when it comes to email marketing campaigns. People are more likely to open emails if they feel like they’re being addressed directly, so make sure you include personalization tokens in your emails such as their name or location.

4. Test Different Variations: Testing different variations of your emails can help you determine which ones perform best with your target audience. Try testing different subject lines, calls-to-action, images, etc., and track the results so you can see which versions are most successful at


Having your own email system is one of the best ways to go about sending cold emails. It allows for more flexibility when it comes to customizing content and targeting specific audiences, and you don’t have to worry about getting banned from your account.

Additionally, SMTP switching makes it easy to switch between different providers without having to worry about manual configuration or technical details. All in all, having your own email system is a great option for those looking to send cold outreach emails.