Since its introduction in July 2016, Design Bundles, a UK-based craft and design marketplace, has seen substantial development. Andy Croft and Alex France, co-founders, have effectively extended the self-funded company without the need for a centralized office or outside financing.

The digital marketplace had over a million products, approximately three million clients, and a combined Facebook network of over 90,000 customers and independent creators as of June 2021. And the numbers are just going to get bigger.

Early on, the co-founders took an international strategy, cultivated a company-wide commitment to exceptional customer service, and listened to its independent designers, according to the co-founders.

“Because I come from a customer service background, it has always been vital to me to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and provide exceptional customer service to everyone, no matter where they are in the world. We have really advanced our culture of putting our consumers first by making adjustments and enhancements they have asked at a moment’s notice, regardless of time zones, by listening to our customers.”

How Design Bundles Expanded Without a Centralized Office

The application for teamwork Without a central headquarters, Slack was critical to launching and scaling the company. Alex and Andy, the firm’s co-founders, continue to use Slack to communicate and operate the company from anywhere in the world.

Having a varied selection of independent designers from around the world has aided expansion by ensuring that buyers have access to an astonishing range of items. As a result, the marketplace appeals to people from all walks of life who have a variety of hobbies, interests, and creative needs, regardless of where they live.

The marketplace also allows freelance designers to earn a passive income by incentivizing them to publish fresh and varied high-quality digital design resources on a regular basis. Keeley, a self-employed designer on Design Bundles, spoke on selling on the platform:

“I wish I knew how amazing having a passive income was and how much more time I would have with my kids.”

Design Bundles has also grown as a result of supplying an international customer base of crafters, designers, and creatives. Having a digital commerce platform also aids worldwide expansion because global buyers face fewer purchase constraints. Anyone with a wi-fi connection can download the design resources at any time and from anywhere.