The platform enhancements streamline and accelerate the exchange process, allowing users to easily and rapidly transfer around 220 currencies and tokens.

The biggest difference is obvious on the homepage. The platform’s all-in-one exchange widget has been revamped to make cryptocurrency swaps even easier to understand.

The flow is made up of a few simple steps. To begin, a user picks the coins and quantity to be exchanged, as well as their receiving wallet address. They can also select a fixed rate option to avoid slippage during swap execution. The user just needs to send the exchange amount to the deposit address in the second step.

The switch is carried out automatically once this transaction is completed. Following network confirmation, the funds are promptly transmitted to the recipient’s address.

LetsExchange’s SmartRate technology has also been updated. It is a collection of algorithms that assess current cryptocurrency rates across several exchange platforms and choose the most profitable alternative for the consumer. Following the update, this technology examines more offerings on the market while still taking only a fraction of a second to produce results.

Furthermore, in response to the platform’s tremendous growth, LetsExchange has boosted its server capacity to assure quick and easy exchanges.

These enhancements will be available a few months after the platform’s first launch in early 2021. has been rapidly increasing and attracting cryptocurrency fans looking for easy, secure, and anonymous coin swaps since then.

LetsExchange, as a non-custodial instant exchange service, does not compel its users to reveal personal or financial information. Cryptocurrency dealers and investors can swap around 220 coins and tokens without having to sign up or go through KYC and AML checks.

LetsExchange bitcoin swaps are thus anonymous, while the security of users’ assets is assured by their own cryptocurrency wallets.

The platform does not impose maximum exchange quantities and is constantly expanding the list of supported coins. It was one of the first exchange sites to list popular cryptocurrencies like SafeMoon and Shiba Inu.

The next step of the LetsExchange upgrade will provide its users with sophisticated trading features. New language versions of the site are also on the way, ensuring a smooth trade experience for bitcoin fans all across the world.