Are you new to the world of video editing? If you’re interested in getting into video editing, you’ll need the right software. But with so many options available, how do you choose the best one for your needs?

Video editing is a complicated and creative process that requires you to have access to a multitude of tools. Whether it’s basic editing techniques — such as adding titles, graphics, and sound effects — or more advanced processes like color correction and green screen effects, an effective video editor will have all the features needed to make your project come to life.

When looking for a video editor, you’ll want something that is user-friendly, feature-rich, and compatible with your existing computer system.

There are many video editing software programs on the market today. This article will help provide an overview of InVideo software and its benefits so that you can find the perfect solution for your next project.

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InVideo Overview

Back in 2017, three engineering graduates were facing a big challenge. Video production was taking up lots of their time, and they needed an easier way to make great videos. That’s when they came up with the concept of InVideo.

InVideo is a user-friendly platform that lets people create amazing videos without the hassle. It’s a live-action video creator that users can use to generate all kinds of content. Additionally, you don’t need any sort of video knowledge or skills to start working on InVideo – it’s easy for everyone!

> You can take a no-obligation trial of InVideo

Thanks to its wide range of features and functionalities, InVideo makes it simple for anyone to turn their content into eye-catching videos. From educational tutorials and company profiles to product reviews and YouTube intros, InVideo enables you to build any kind of video within minutes!

What Is InVideo and How Does It Work?

Whether you’re creating a video for yourself, a small business, or a large brand, InVideo is worth considering. It’s reliable, user-friendly, and has professional features that are great for those just getting started in the video creation world.

InVideo makes it easy to create content from scratch or from pre-existing templates. You can choose from over 4.000+ InVideo templates, and create everything from presentations and ads to slideshows and invites.

Additionally, it offers many different style options, which means there is something for everyone!

> You can take a no-obligation trial of InVideo

Once you’ve chosen your template and selected the design elements you want to include in your video creation process — text boxes, images, logos — you’ll be taken to InVideo’s editing dashboard where all of the essential functions can be found.

From here you can easily upload files like music or sound effects and frame-by-frame editing adjustments such as contrast filters etc.

Moreover, with the search bar located at the top of this screen, you can quickly find starting points that are specifically tailored for types of projects like presentations and slideshows — even logo designs! And after trying out InVideo myself I’m most impressed by its awesome logo design options which I have yet to see on other platforms.

InVideo Main Features

InVideo is a powerful online video editor that helps budding filmmakers and professionals alike to create eye-catching videos within minutes. It offers an extensive range of features, including audio tools, a media library, speed adjustment, split/merge, supports HD resolution, and more! This makes it one of the most comprehensive video editing software available in the market.

> You can take a no-obligation trial of InVideo

No matter what kind of video you plan to make, whether it’s an advertisement or a brand film, InVideo is the perfect platform for you! With its wide array of features and intuitive user interface, InVideo makes video creation a breeze.

InVideo Ratings and Reviews

For those who haven’t used InVideo yet, there’s a good chance you don’t know what to expect. To help alleviate any worries about signing up for the video editing platform, look no further than the ratings and reviews users have left.

The ratings and reviews say it all! InVideo is popular with satisfied customers. Those who share include videographers, filmmakers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs – so many customers sharing their experiences on how they use InVideo to get creative with video projects of all shapes and sizes.

> You can take a no-obligation trial of InVideo

InVideo has a 4.7-star rating on Google Play, with customers saying its ease of use is the key reason why they choose this platform to create videos quickly, without compromising quality.

This sentiment is echoed in reviews on Apple Store: “InVideo makes it super easy to add text, images, music, and animated elements into my videos … I highly recommend it!” So if you are looking for an intuitive way to create impactful video campaigns that engage your viewers even more – give InVideo a try today!

Is InVideo Worth It?

If you’re looking for a reliable, intuitive, and excellent video editor that isn’t too complicated, InVideo is your best bet. Hundreds of reviews tell you that this affordability comes with top-quality features and ease of use. After trying it out myself, I must corroborate the positive reviews, and I highly recommend the Premium version of InVideo from my personal experience.

> You can take a no-obligation trial of InVideo

The most amazing aspect of InVideo is its video template gallery – a powerhouse of all possible types of videos and formats. If you’re an avid social media user (who isn’t these days), this flexibility is sure to make your life easier. In addition, it’s fully integrated with many third-party applications like Dropbox, Facebook, Adobe Elements, and more.

InVideo really has something for everyone – whether you’re creating a simple post or making content for broadcast television. And its free trial period makes it worth a shot if you haven’t tried it yet. But to be honest, after using the app myself I guarantee you won’t give up on InVideo anytime soon!

Where InVideo Dominates

InVideo is a powerful video-making platform that makes content creation easier than ever before. It stands out in every sense thanks to its unparalleled features and functions.

Whether it’s creating dynamic social media posts, or adding special attention-grabbing effects to your videos, InVideo has it all. From customizing colors to easy collaboration options, the tool is capable of creating top-notch results quickly and reliably.

> You can take a no-obligation trial of InVideo

One of the best features that InVideo has is its impressive library of professionally-designed templates as well as stock photos, images, sounds, and media items you can use for free instead of outsourcing an expensive videographer.

You have the freedom to upload any background or music from your own computer as well which gives even more versatility to the user experience.

The same applies to collections of animated graphic elements you can include in the editing process. Plus, if you’re looking for help on this — or just extra advice — there’s an integrated chat channel allowing different people working on the same project to communicate with each other regardless of their locations.

Where InVideo Falls Short

InVideo is a popular Digital video editor, capable of turning images and videos into picturesque animated videos. It offers users hundreds of powerful editing tools and professional templates to use in their work.

However, despite all its benefits, InVideo has several notable limitations which should be considered before purchasing the software.

One limitation is that once you choose a template, you cannot change your mind unless the project begins again from scratch.

> You can take a no-obligation trial of InVideo

For those on tight deadlines or for those who simply don’t want to waste time creating a new video, this isn’t ideal. Additionally, the best stock photo collections and footage are reserved for higher-priced subscription plans only.

So if you plan to add these elements to your work, you have to budget accordingly or settle for lower-quality items found in their free collection.

And finally, some users have complained about cosmetic bugs within the program that can compromise project presentation— an issue that is ongoing and requires patience as it is addressed by InVideo’s developers.

How to Create Video With

Creating captivating, engaging, and visually stunning videos just got easier with the app. All you need to create amazing videos are right here on one platform, whether it’s an explainer/explainer video or product demo/tutorial — you name it!

Before you start creating your videos, make sure you have all the necessary material ready – your logo, script, images, voice, video, and so on. You may even have to purchase stock footage and music for background audio.

You need to plan your video materials so there is nothing missing to give you that advantage for creating stunning videos faster. That’s where comes in as a one-stop solution.

> You can take a no-obligation trial of InVideo

There are four ways to create your video in this amazing app — from scratch using pre-built scenes and templates; existing media; importing existing content; or via storyboards.

Each option gives you access to the same set of editing features and tools available on InVideo. It’s easy! What type of video you want to create will determine the option you choose — let’s see how easy it is to create and edit your videos…

1. Templates

For creating videos quickly and with amazing results, using one of the available video templates is the easiest way. There are over 5,000 premade video templates that you can use. You can filter the template’s result by aspect ratio, type, and industry.

From corporate videos to tutorials and news stories to explainer videos – there’s a template for all purposes. Each video template can be customized to fit your brand message and image. When you see a template that you like, click on it and select “use template” on the next page.

> You can take a no-obligation trial of InVideo

When you add a video in this way, lots of cool features let you create amazing videos with fantastic ease; you can even add different scenes to your video from the template or make blank scenes for yourself using your creativity with shapes, graphics, text styling, etc

2. Text-to-Video

> You can take a no-obligation trial of InVideo offers not just traditional video production services – which include importing videos, images, and audio tracks – but also the opportunity to create videos out of simple text as well. This is an awesome way to turn your blog post into a YouTube video in minutes. If it’s your first time creating a video with, here’s all you need to know about the process:

First, you need to gather your video materials – the title, content, main points, images, voice (for narration), logo (if any), etc. – that you want to use in your video before using the text-to-video tool on Invideo’s website. There are three options guests can take advantage of in order to use this feature:

Option 1 – Manually add your script and enter the headline

Option 2 – Enter a web page URL and the tool will auto-fetch the content from there for you; this option does require that all of these assets be present on that page for it to work correctly (title, copy/body sections, and images)

Option 3 – You can copy/paste directly within their platform and still have full control over how things appear in the finished product

3. Stock Media

Creating video presentations with stock images is one of the simplest ways to bring information to life. With Stock Media, you can create a video with multiple stock images by adding an image to a scene one at a time.

You can conveniently and quickly create presentations, slides, tutorials, testimonies, details reports, or whatever creative and engaging ideas can be brought to life through visuals.

> You can take a no-obligation trial of InVideo

To get started with Stock Media on, log in to your account and select “Stock Media” from the main options. Choose from the millions of Stock Images available across various categories, or you can upload your own images. Then, start creating your masterpiece – click on the + scene button at the bottom of each page or drag and drop any image onto the timeline!

4. Editor

If you’re the kind of person who wants to show off your creativity and video editing skills, have some fun! There is plenty of scopes here. The blank editor allows access to all of the same design, editing, and customization tools as a regular editor but from a blank screen.

> You can take a no-obligation trial of InVideo

It’s still easy to get started; simply import your media, sound, or other elements into the editor and start designing your video for whatever purpose you need it for.

You have full control over your color choices, aspect ratio, filters, effects, and so on. Customization, editing, and adding voice are still just as easy as any other project with just the added element that you’re starting from a blank screen. Get creative with this one! Team Collaboration Feature has released a new team collaboration feature that unlocks the capacity for creative teams to work together on video projects. The feature allows teams to work together in an efficient way and manage multiple projects at the same time.

You can now invite team members by email or via a link to collaborate on a project – ideal for freelancers, in-house editors, and agencies. Your fellow collaborators have the ability to leave a timestamp comment on the video to pinpoint where it needs editing or improvement, allowing you to manage numerous minor issues quickly and efficiently ensuring your project is completed faster.

> You can take a no-obligation trial of InVideo

As the admin of your team, you have access to add and remove members at any time, upload and delete videos, and edit videos created by team members. Top Features

If you’re looking for an all-in-one video creation tool, is one of the most popular video editing tools. It offers several awesome features that make it a good investment for small business owners and individuals to leverage video content for marketing. Here’s a look at some of its top features worth mentioning:

With over 5,000 plus handcrafted templates to choose from, InVideo allows users to create high-quality videos tailored to their specific needs in no time.

> You can take a no-obligation trial of InVideo

Moreover, the platform also provides hundreds of premium templates crafted by professionals so users have access to highly sophisticated customization options. They can even get started and experiment without any extraordinary skills since they offer an easy drag-and-drop feature.

InVideo also provides advanced audio editing capabilities like sound and noise suppression that enable users to edit videos with more effective control of audio tracks within their projects. In addition, it is integrated with an 8 million stock media library (allowing users access anytime without paying any extra bucks!).

InVideo Pricing

InVideo provides businesses of all sizes with an easy, cost-effective way to create high-quality videos. For $20 a month, you get access to an immense library of fully-customizable templates, 1M+ images and video clips, the ability to make 60 unique video exports a month, and unlimited users.

Additionally, business plans have the option to make multilingual videos in any language. With InVideo’s help, you can create stunning visuals that flourish on every platform – from YouTube to TikTok!

> You can take a no-obligation trial of InVideo


InVideo FAQs and common questions

Q. What type of pricing plans does InVideo offer?

InVideo has the following pricing plans:

Starting from: $20.00/month Pricing model: Free, Subscription Free Trial: Available

Q. Who are the typical users of InVideo?

InVideo has the following typical customers:

Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non-Profit, Small Business Q. What languages does InVideo support?

InVideo supports the following languages:

Q. Does InVideo offer an API?

Yes, InVideo has an API available for use.


> You can take a no-obligation trial of InVideo