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Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of September 2021

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Cryptocurrency exchanges are a dime a dozen, but there are only a few we think make sense for long-term crypto investors.

The volatile, speculative nature of cryptocurrency investing presents risks for investors no matter how and where you buy it. We believe safety of your investment should be a top priority when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, and each of our favorite exchanges clearly detail which security measures they have in place to protect consumers. In general, we think cryptocurrency exchanges that have been around the longest are usually a safer bet than newer ones.

“I would go with any of the old guard,” says Theresa Morrison, a CFP with the Beckett Collective. “The ones who’ve been doing it for a long time, that’s where I go first.” 

No matter where you buy it, it’s important to remember that cryptocurrency is a highly speculative asset with a relatively short track record (at least compared to the stock market). That’s why experts say you should never invest more than 5% of your portfolio into crypto, and why they say it’s smart for investors to stick to Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are available on each of the exchanges we recommend.

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