Nonghyup Bank (NH), a South Korean commercial bank, claims that a member of its staff’s quick thinking helped avoid a big case of cryptocurrency fraud.

According to News1, the bank claimed that Oh Ji-jung (40), a manager of an NH branch in the subtropical island province of Jeju, had a “strange feeling” regarding a transaction requested by one of her customers and decided to intervene.

The consumer, an anonymous female, had sent around USD 7,000 to a (also unnamed) crypto-related organization to purchase cryptoassets, but had gotten no tokens or response from the vendor.

The astute Oh stepped in, contacting the corporation and reporting that this was an instance of “suspected fraud.” She approached the company in question, “hinting” that the customer was likely to contact the authorities.

The corporation, apparently alarmed by the conversation, instantly paid the customer for the entire USD 7,000.

And it turned out that Oh’s instincts were correct: It was later revealed that the company in issue was being probed by police in another region of the country for allegedly committing fraud by receiving fiat payments from “a number of investors” in addition to the female customer in question.

NH is one of three domestic banks that presently offer crypto exchanges actual name, social security number-authenticated banking services. The company has also looked into a number of possible crypto-related business areas, such as crypto custody services.