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iWork Online Mission

You’ve come to the perfect location if you want to learn or share what you know. We link individuals through information as a global destination for online learning and business.

We’ve seen at iWork Online how the seemingly simple act of creating can be a driver for growth, transformation, and discovery in people’s lives. We aim to encourage and multiply the kind of creative experimentation that leads to greater expression, learning, and application.

iWork Online is an online learning and business community, with selected and efficient programs, for creative and curious people looking for financial freedom.

iWork Online & Easy1Up

Work smarter not harder

The Easy1Up (E1U) concept is so simple that we don’t require website pages to describe it. It is intended to be SIMPLE!

Easy1Up team has spent the better part of two decades gathering knowledge and acquiring rights from reputable educational institutions that they can now give to you.

Let’s face it: the global economy has shifted, and you must adapt. To keep up with the times, you must re-educate yourself.

Easy1Up also has a referral scheme.

If you like the product packages, which we know you will, you may sell them to others and earn significant commissions.

Easy1Up also has a special offer for those who are willing to “go for it.”

Easy1Up employs what we call a reverse funnel, by displaying the six product packages upfront and including any lower-priced product packages with your purchase.

As an example:

For $500, you can become a member of Vertex Elite. Easy1Up includes the $25, $100, and $250 amounts.

If you want to sell the products, you must pay a nominal license fee to cover the hosting and technical support costs. All payments are made just once.