One thing I will always admire about entrepreneurs is their willingness to take the initial step toward realizing their dreams. Whether you want to start your own business or are an executive who wants to see your firm finish the year well, there are five pillars you need constantly remind yourself of in order to succeed.

1. Make a strategy.

Examine your short-term and long-term objectives. What’s on your bucket list? Allow that to guide your team’s plan. You’ll be waiting a long time if you sit around waiting for the next opportunity to fall into your lap. You must create possibilities for yourself. That is how you and your business will succeed: create a plan and take small moves forward every day.

2. Knock out the hardest things first

Don’t be afraid to go all in. Do you need that additional push to take your game to the next level? Make an accountability partner for yourself. Avoiding the difficult task just prolongs the process, because it must be completed regardless.

3. Be on the offense

While you’re on offense, you score, you celebrate your company’s triumphs, and you perform an end-zone dance; when you’re on defense, you’re just trying to keep the other team from scoring, always looking over your shoulder, and you never have a chance to celebrate life or your company’s successes. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Get out there and push yourself.

4. Experiment with something new

What’s anything you’re dreaming about right now that seems so wild and out of this world that you can’t believe it’s possible, but you can imagine yourself being brave enough to do it? Go after it; quit hesitating and give yourself the go-ahead to pursue your aspirations. Some of my best ideas have come from stepping into the dangerous areas alongside excellent companions. Don’t be afraid to attempt new things: You never know what ideas you’ll get when you try anything new

5. Maintain a positive attitude

More than 20 years ago, I said yes to a business, worked really hard, and refused to allow people’s opinions to influence my future. I constantly remind myself and my staff that having a negative mindset will never result in a positive, complete life or business. You’ve probably heard the expression “you are what you eat,” but it turns out that you are also what you think. Think happy thoughts, smile, and you will attract positivity.

Entrepreneurs who are successful take their business seriously. Every CEO and executive that is intentional with their time, shows up consistently, and takes action in their organization should understand how important these five pillars are to a successful firm. Continue to work hard, and I guarantee you that success will find you.